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Father of the Groom Speech Samples

For those looking for some Father of the Groom speech examples check out a few that my visitors have sent to me.
These are just real life examples of what YOU can do once you have my Father of Groom Speech guide in your hands.

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Father of the Groom Speech Sample #1

"Dear relatives and friends, good evening!  I am just so happy for this two people in front of us today, James and Rachael, have made their loving commitment permanent!.

As a boy, James, had always been confident on what he wants.  He always knew what he wanted to become, what he wants to have, and what he wants to do.  When he I met Rachael for the first time, I knew that she is what James truly needs and wants.  I can see from his actions and eyes, that this lovely woman beside him is the only one for him. So, when he told me that he is going to propose to Rachael, I was filled with happiness because my boy is finally going to realize another one of his dreams.  That is, to marry his true love, Rachael.

Today, on your special moment I would like to formally welcome, Rachael, into our family.  I now have another lovely and kind-hearted daughter.  We are so happy to have you as a part of our family and thank you for making my son so happy.

I know you two have been receiving a lot of advice about married life already.  I hope that you will keep them in mind because you will need them as you grow together in your new life as a married couple. We cannot tell and teach you everything because you have to learn and resolve your future situations together.  Rachael and James, do not forget to be at each otherís side through every good and bad experience that you may have as a couple....Read more

- Mr. Curtiss

Father of the Groom Speech Sample #2

"To everyone here today, both family and friends and to Susan and David, I hope you are enjoying this day. 

When David, was born, I felt that I was the most fortunate father of all.  I have a baby boy, yippee! Then time passes by and there I am at the stadium watching my son play basketball. He was the captain of the team. Hence, I felt fortunate again to be his father.

Today, I feel the true essence of being a fortunate father as I see [name of groom] settling down with his lovely bride Susan.

To Susan, I have known you for a few years now and I believe my son is lucky to have you. I also know that he knows that. With all our hearts, we take you in our family as our own daughter and to your family who are here today; there are no words to express our gratefulness for you coming here today to celebrate with us the love of our son and daughter. This I think is a wonderful and a lovely day!

For both of you, my beloved David and Susan, I do not really know what to say as you begin your new life as husband and wife. I think you already have your own plans and anything I say will just be useless. But I want to say this to both of you. Remember always that in life, you learn as time goes.  So, I donít want to advise you on what to do or not to do....Read more

- Burl Helfrich, NY


I hope you have enjoyed reading my sample father of the groom toasts above. All are real and really pack a punch at weddings. Please click below and read more about my guide...and learn how I can provide you with 15 FREE Father of the Groom wedding speech samples like the ones above.

Want to get 15 FREE
Father of the Groom Speech Samples in less than 3 minutes??


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